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Last updated: 19.03.2005


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Welcome to Asclepius!

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Do you want to see more? There is a 2 disc CD-Rom set available providing about 2,300 pictures of a wide variety of asclepiads. Click here

What has this fly to do with asclepiads? Click here

Do you have a hard time finding good quality sites about asclepiads? Well, look no further. On this site you will find a collection of essential links regarding offers of information about these fascinating plants on the world wide web. Please use this service of the IG Ascleps for your orientation and to gain immediate access to the most relevant web sites straight away. Be it societies, dealing with asclepiads, nurseries, where you can acquire them, or privat homepages, dedicated to these faszinating plants. Here you will find the information you need. Choose a category on the left and click on the link of your choice.

Our link list does not contain all asclepiad related resources available on the whole internet, but is based upon a subjective selection. If you know a site that you think we should list, please let us know about it by mailing us.

Please note that the IG Ascleps is not responsible for the content of external web sites!

Thank you very much for visiting Asclepius and we hope to welcome you again very soon. 

A Virtual Exhibition of the IG Ascleps

The current on-line exhibition features 29 asclepiad paintings by

Hans-Jürgen R. Thorwarth

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About the IG Ascleps | Asclepiads | CD-ROM | Contact us
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