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Asclepiads on CD-ROM

The IG Ascleps double CD with a total of about 2,300 pictures has been reissued. It has been completely revised according the current state of the nomenclature. This set forms an invaluable reference collection.

The CD set is EUR 14.00 for association members (update EUR 7.00 EUR) and for non association members the price is 22.00 EUR. Each with EUR 2.00 for (p&p) post and packaging. Please note: If you reside outside Germany please contact the branch office regarding the cost for p&p before ordering.

The CDs and more details you can get from the branch office of the IG Ascleps.

Ascleps-CD 1 Ascleps-CD 2
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About the IG Ascleps | Asclepiads | CD-ROM | Contact us
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