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Last updated: 16.10.2004 


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About the IG Ascleps

The "Interessengemeinschaft Asclepiadaceen" (IG Ascleps)  - English: "Interest Group Asclepiadaceae" - was formed in 1999 in Germany. It  is an unincorporated association and acts unselfishly, it does not, in the first line, pursue economic objects for its own. At present the IG Ascleps has about 100 members.

The aim of the IG Ascleps is to bring together anyone interested in growing and studying members of the plant family Asclepiadaceae, to promote the conservation of the often endangered plants as well as to increase available knowledge about all aspects of their cultivation, naming, etc.

Become a Member!

Membership of the IG Ascleps is open to anyone interested in Asclepiads and provides the following privileges:

  • Members receive the IG Ascleps' newsletter ("Info-Brief") three times a year (the language used is German). It contains on 20 pages much information about Asclepiads. Articles vary from aspects of cultivation, desription of plants, to more detailed problems of plant identification and ecology. As many species as possible are illustrated by means of coloured photographs.

  • As a contribution to the maintenance and expansion of species in cultivation, the IG Ascleps organizes a seed bank. Members are obliged to obtain seed by ordering from the annual seed list to a reduced price. 

  • The annual meeting in Berg/Opf. in September provides opportunities to meet fellow enthusiasts and to exchange experiences and plants.

  • The IG Ascleps has produced a set of CD-ROMs containing about 2,300 pictures of a wide variety of Asclepiad families, which make an invaluble reference collection. These are available to members at a special price. 

How to join the Interest Group?

Apply to the address below or fill in our membership application form (pdf-file) and send it to:

Siegfried Fuchs
Fischbrunner Weg 28
91247 Vorra
Email: geschaeftsstelle@ig-ascleps.org

The membership fee for a calendar year is EUR 12.00 and is payable in advance. Members joining during the year receive all issues of the newsletter published during the year of joining. 

Bank details:

IG Ascleps
Konto-Nr. 20 280 44 09
IBAN (InterBankAccNr.) DE75 7606 1482 0102 8044 09
BLZ 760 614 82
Raiffeisenbank Hersbruck

If you want more information, please contact the Secretary Siegfried Fuchs of the IG Ascleps.


About the IG Ascleps | Asclepiads | CD-ROM | Contact us
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